Mountain Goat Dinar

Mountain Goat Dinar Guru Caught Lying & Plagiarizing

Mountain Goat is the dinar guru posts a lot of information on the Iraqi Dinar (IQD). Supposedly it’s a woman, but I never knew a woman to lie and deceive as much as this one. #mntgoat

Obviously like most of the gurus, Mnt goat does not have a main website, but lots of the posts end up on the various dinar sites like Dinar Daily, Dinar Detectives, Dinares, Dinar Recaps and of course in the TNT Forum, even though the Mt Goat posts are banned there.

Mountain goat started discussing the Iraqi Dinar revaluation (RV) until around 2012, by mid 2013 hardly a day went by when you didn’t hear about Goat, either on chat or conference call. Remember that I didn’t get involved until late 2013 so I didn’t really pay attention to the earlier posts.

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Regarding this video, I originally recorded it around May of 2015, but I never posted it. I feel like with Tony out of the way I can go after the liars one by one.


As you will see, even though goat never says to run out and buy Iraqi currency, you do get the impression that people do just that based on what “intel” they receive.

The Mt Goat dinar guru posts are banned in the TNT Activeboard Forum and during chat. I can understand why, you don’t want to get too many liars spreading disinformation at the same time. Yes, it’s all just lies, different people, different lies, but nothing has changed.


I find it absolutely humorous that different gurus make fun of each other because they are all tying to lie together. One will lie about rates, one will lie about bank memos, one will lie about cards and it never ends.

Be sure that whenever you buy Iraqi Dinar that you check the Central Bank of Iraq website to determining the dinar exchange rate and real value. Regarding the scam about private exchanges, there is no such thing as a legitimate private exchange. If you don’t get cash back (an SKR or receipt doesn’t count) then you didn’t exchange. Do NOT give your currency to anyone you don’t know. Follow the latest news in Iraq to determine if it’s a good time to exchange your currency.

Mountain Goat Dinar Guru Exposed:

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2 comments for “Mountain Goat Dinar

  1. taylor smith
    December 10, 2015 at 7:10 am

    dinar guru’s are the leaders of a cult! Using the good name of religion to
    prey on the innocent. Surely they will pay for their deception.

  2. LTM Mckenzie
    January 2, 2016 at 10:20 pm

    inconsistency and unwillingness to stick behind what it says is a BIG
    PROBLEM I HAVE WITH MOUNTAIN GOAT…..Now she has this big thing on
    articles she he gets off on making long posts and people actually reading
    the shit he post.

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