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There has been discussion for many years regarding Iraqi currency news and the potential for it to revalue, or RV to a rate similar to what it was in the 1980’s.  The main issue that comes up is that Iraq is rich in oil, which it is, however, it also has a lot of debt.

Without restructuring their debt, Iraq cannot have a strong currency.  The current monetary policy of Iraq is to have a currency that is stable.

Since about 2009, many websites have appeared that promote this RV theory including Dinar Recaps, Dinar Chronicles and Dinar Detectives.  The problems with all of these sites is that they are monetized, meaning the owners have an incentive to post news, whether true or untrue, in order to keep people coming back.

Names like TNT Tony, Mnt Goat, Dr. Clarke and Frank26 come to mind when you mention gurus.  The currency of Iraq, the dinar, is not a scam by itself, however, the idea that a person can make 100,000% return on their investment is ludicrous.

They might say that the everyday person is not supposed to know about this, but even if that were true, what millionaires do you know who are giving advice to buy IQD?  Exactly, no one is telling you this.

Below, you will find the new 50k or 50,000 IQD Banknote released in 2016:

50,000 Iraqi Dinar Banknote

The dinar currency disinformation campaign is fueled mainly by greedy currency dealers like Sterling Currency Group and Dinar Inc as well as Treasury Vault.

All of these companies have, at one time or another, had their banner on a website run by these dinar gurus who would like in order to get people to buy more currency.

Most of these companies paid between $4,000 and $10,000 a month depending on how much sales they received for the previous month.

How To Get The Best News On the Iraqi Dinar

The best resource out there is Google.

Doing a simple Google Translation, you can convert the English term “Iraqi Dinar” to the Arabic version which is الدينار العراقي.

Get the news from official sources, here is a translation of an official CBI document:

It seems that all three can’t survive without each other:

  1. The Dinar Companies need the gurus to create the scarcity mindset to get people to buy dinar because the IQD RV is imminent
  2. The gurus need the dinar companies to pay them each month so they can make a living by promoting false information.  The currency dealers don’t mind this, they just want sales, besides, it’s not their reputation at risk, it’s the gurus, and there is a new one every month to fill the void.
  3. The website owners that might not have a dinar banner on their website, but they monetize their website using ads from multiple ad networks in order to make a living lying to their subscribers.  Sometimes, a dinar dealers’ ad will show up on these websites, and the payment to the webmaster for just one click can be as high as $8.

There are at least 100 different websites that discuss different topics such as which dinar guru is the correct one to listen to or is the Iraqi Dinar a scam but we want to focus on just providing the websites that can be of the most benefit to you.

As time goes on, we hope to create a list to include at least 100 good sources of news on the country of Iraq as well as the currency of Iraq, the IQD or Dinar. In the meantime, there are a lot of websites that warn about the currency, even the FBI is investigating the dinar.

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Here is a list of websites you can visit to learn more about the Iraqi Dinar: is a website that exposes the dinar gurus for what they are, liars, fraudsters, schemers and people who take advantaged of the poor and religious. another site devoted to telling the truth of what the gurus are staying about the currency of Iraq.  Most of what they tell about the currency is untrue, and DayStarNet exposes that.