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0:40 – Central Bank of Iraq Homepage
1:52 Iraqi dinar news
2:30 Iraqi dinar value 10,000 IQD
2:55 Iraqi dinar revaluation 25,000 IQD
4:07 Iraqi dinar exchange rate 5,000 IQD
4:42 Lower Denomination Notes
5:44 Adam Montana 3 zero comment
6:20 Okie Oil Man three zeros
6:40 Iraqi Dinar Redenomination
7:30 American Contractor
7:55 Buy Iraqi Dinar – How to make purchases in Iraq
9:00 Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate – Fees assessed
11:40 One Million Iraqi Dinars – What you should pay
12:30 Dinar Exchange Chart I created, see the link above.


.Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rates (October 29) NOTHING CLOSE TO .00 THAT WE HAVE BEEN TOLD.

SULAIMANI — The U.S. dollar to Iraqi dinar (IQD) exchange rate was up in the Kurdistan Region’s currency markets on Saturday (October 29).
Broker Dana Mawlud told NRT that 0 U.S. was selling at 130,250 IQD early in the day, 100 IQD higher than the previous day.
Mawlud also reported the British pound was stable at 100 to 157,000 IQD, and 100 euro was at 142,000 IQD.

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