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Streamed live on Oct 7, 2016 or I will be discussing Dr Clarke Dinar Guru, who some people find to be a really good dinar guru. My Ladies joined the call. You guys who want a voice, you can have one, just be here at this video link and bring the popcorn.

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Time – 10am Eastern on Friday October 7, 2016
Number – 712-775-7035
Pin – 181 420
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Discussions will be about the Iraqi Dinar (obviously) and that’s dinares for you awesome people over in Puerto Rico. We will discuss the updates I have posted in the last few months as well as what Dr. Clarke has stated.

People will probably have questions about the dinar rv (revaluation) and I’ll take your questions on the possibility of a revalue.

I’m going to be bringing up Dinar Daily ( and why I’m frequently on that site and why I think you should join.

I will go over the recent news coming out of Iraq.

We will discuss the Iraqi currency as an investment and my rate predictions for 2017.

I’ll go over any dinar rumor you guys have, obviously debunking any lies you have heard (such as people have already cashed out).

We can discuss other gurus, and the other blog and forum websites.

Dinar Detectives will probably be bought up.

Any IQD news you guys have, bring it in, I’ll go over it.

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