After 7 Years Ali and I finally lol, after 7 years which was realized when figuring, it was exciting to to finally get to go eye to eye with each other which is almost about what it was. lol, we are about the same height. Ali picked me up himself at the airport and of coarse it was very brother like after all this time and the excitement was mutual in the same respect. Ali was almost everything I expected, cool, charm, charisma, polite, and all business, I just figured him a lot bigger, lol. Telling you tho, his heart for the investment and the investors, makes him GODZILLA!!

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  1. Stu's Channel
    January 20, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    These are not my predictions, but those of a dinar “guru” that thought he
    knew it all, and ridiculed anyone that questioned him on his reasonings.

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