Dinar Detectives Updates

This video will go over the Dinar Detectives Updates website as well as the gurus who post there. My article is located here – https://goo.gl/Dnbu8h (Global Currency Reset Article) there is also my other website, which mentions the recent website hack here – https://goo.gl/czLBdF (Dinar RV News)

Their official website – https://goo.gl/yrI14r (http://dinardetectives.com/)

I will be discussing things such as the Iraqi Dinar RV, the dinar news and dinar updates that we see on the website. I’ll probably go into detail about just what a dinar guru actually is, and I might even get into discussing Dinar Recaps and even TNT Dinar.

The main reason for this video, for obvious reasons, is to get people to see the website from an SEO perspective, not just a person looking for general information.

Seems every guru has a dinar blog that they favorite, and Dinar Detectives is no exception. The latest news today as well as rumors show up on the site all the time.

This website is NOT a dinar forum such as Dinar Daily http://www.dinardaily.net/ but it does get a lot of traffic from people looking for the truth, unfortunately, I feel the site falls short on facts.

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